Leveraging advanced mobile technology to improve health outcomes.

We are a self-funded group of healthcare professionals, scientists, and developers located at NASA's Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, California.
We are dedicated to creating positive health outcomes using evidence-based research and mobile technology.

Our Team


We work with leading researchers to determine clinical relevancy for our mobile data.

Healthcare Practitioners

Our board of doctors are affiliated with the nation's top universities and ensure clinical ease of use.


We have a team of developers for web, mobile, and emerging wearable technologies.


We are self-funded by a team of successful entrepreneurs in space and e-commerce.


Our statistics team uses advanced mathematics to reveal actionable data for doctors.


Our reach is extended with corporate, non-profit, and government partnerships.

Looking Forward

Where Health Is Moving In The Next 10 Years

We are focused on how technology, particularly mobile and wearable technology, will improve health outcomes in the next decade.

In Development

We are currently developing a number of innovative solutions for improving patient-doctor communication, medical adherence, diagnosis, and treatment. We are looking at the next 10 years in technological development and designing solutions that will adapt to these dramatic changes.




Building 153
Room 135 MS 153-1
140 Dailey Road
Moffett Field, CA 94035